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I’ve managed to concoct a fair number of disconnected websites at this point and thought it would be helpful to tie them all together into something recognizable – hopefully to occur on one consolidated URL in the distant future.  For now, you’ll have to look for Adam Wible across the internet.  Here are the first three:

#1 Adam Wible’s Kindle Quotations

Kindle allows you to highlight passages in books you are reading as you go along – it is less intrusive and easier than getting the cap off your highlighter, and infinitely more useful.  Because you can simply scan through your highlights later when you want to recall what you’ve read.  They’re searchable.  And you can even save them on your own site.  It may be copyrighted material (eek) but the memories are all yours.

Amazon Kindle

#2 Adam Wible and Ian McHenry: Let’s Go Yachting

“Adam Wible and Ian McHenry set out to sail SE Asia without a clue.”  Sure it gets a bit dry and technical, but trying to fix the engine while breathing diesel fumes in high seas was a bit technical for us – so no complaining.  The boat is also for sale!  Comment to us if you want passwords – it’s a private blog.

Ben Hoste's View of the Deck, with Adam Wible and Ian McHenry - Let's Go Yachting

Image copyright Benjamin Hoste.  Ben’s blog is here: http://benhoste.posterous.com/

#3 Adam Wible & Guillaume Benhamou: Dashedboards, A West African Roadtrip 

A visit to sunny West Africa, including Senegal, Mali, Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau, Guinea, and of course, Burkina Faso.  A quintessential “pain holiday” captured in daily detail as we scam our way around Africa, unwilling to comprehend the risks but more than willing to complain about the discomforts.  Some of the most striking vistas and fascinating interactions of any of my trips.

Car repair in Guinea Conakry - Adam Wible